Food and Beverage Minimum

Q. How much is the Food & Beverage Minimum?

A. The Food & Beverage Minimum is $1,200 annually from January 1st through December 31st.

Q. I’m joining the Club mid-year. How much do I have to spend?

A. We will pro-rate your first fiscal year requirement.

Q. What counts toward the Minimum?

A. All food and beverage purchases made at both the country club and resort (exception Contigo) will count towards your minimum. You must charge to your member number in order to track your food and beverage purchases. Restaurants include AZul, Espresso's, Sabino's Pool Bar, The Turn, Fresh, and Montecito Dining, Bar and Lounge. The minimum also includes food and beverage charged for banquets, parties or other special events at the Club. Banquet events at the resort do not apply towards the minimum.

Q. What if I pay cash?

A. Cash purchases for food and beverage do not count toward the minimum.

Q. How will I know how much I’ve spent?

A. Your monthly statement shows how much you've spent and how much you have left to spend.

Q. What happens if I spend less than the minimum?

A. On the last statement of the period, if you have not met the minimum, the remaining balance due will be charged to your account.

Q. What if I spend more than the minimum?

A. Members must meet or exceed the minimum annually. Spending in excess of the minimum will not apply to the next period.

Q. What about tax and gratuity?

A. Tax and gratuities do not count toward the minimum.